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Every great book deserves a phenomenal cover. Why use a cover that hundreds of other authors are using as well? Now with E-book Cover Designs you can get that personalized touch for your cover without spending hundreds of dollars. Template covers will get your story looked over. With E-books becoming so popular the readers glance at covers and if you have the same cover as another author then you just lost a sale. There are just too many books on sites like Amazon to read each blurb. E-Book Cover Designs will make your cover jump off the page and grab your reader's attention. A great cover can make or break your story. 

Covers start at just $50.00 and max out at $350.00. You can't beat that price. 

E-Book Cover Designs uses high quality stock photos personalized to your characters and story. You tell us what you want and we do exactly that. Your satisfaction is our top priority. 

Want International Cover Model Jimmy Thomas on your cover? 
E-Book Cover Designs can make you a cover featuring the very sexy Jimmy Thomas. Romance fans won't be able to click the buy button fast enough. 

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